The main field of our activities the engineering. Mostly we are working on pressure vessels, pressure equipments for refineries, chemical factories and for food industry.

Beside this we are capable to design chemical equipments, machines, power pipe lines, pipe grids and pipe racks. We can undertake the stress calculation and the design of the service steel structure of equipment and platforms.

We can provide expertise, feasibility and other studies for projects and developments.

  • complete engineering and authorisation and licensing procedures;
  • stress calculation, static calculation and pressure vessel calculation according to PED (EN13445-3, AD Merkblatt) and ASME VII Div.1.
  • complete documentation for fabrication and assembly with 2D or 3D soft wares;
  • studies and expertise for technical developments and projects;

    Capacity and resources:
    Our employees are general machine designers and chemical industry machine designers. We are working together with static engineers and technical-heat science experts.

    If necessary because of the size of the job we can involve more engineers who are working on same fields. We have high quality engineering softwares and hardwares which is necessary for the work.